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How to send text messages from your email

Sending text messages from email has been around for a while, but is a little known fact not broadcast by your cell service provider. As long as you know the service provider of the person you want to send the text to your good to go. Below is a list of cellular providers and their corrosponding email addresses

Free Email To SMS Gateways (Major US Carriers)
(a video on youtube of this will be published shortly)

Carrier Email to SMS Gateway
Alltel [10-digit phone number]
(Many of the websites you go to will say that the address for an alltel phone is 10 digit phone, this is incorrect since alltel recently upgraded their servers as well as the email functions)

AT&T (formerly Cingular) [10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number] (MMS)
[10-digit phone number]

Boost Mobile [10-digit phone number]
Nextel (now Sprint Nextel) [10-digit telephone number]

Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel) [10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number] (MMS)

T-Mobile [10-digit phone number]

US Cellular [10-digit phone number] (SMS)
[10-digit phone number] (MMS)

Verizon [10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number] (MMS)

Virgin Mobile USA [10-digit phone number]

For international providers

Carrier Email to SMS Gateway
7-11 Speakout (USA GSM)
Airtel (Karnataka, India)
Airtel Wireless (Montana, USA)
Alaska Communications Systems
AT&T Enterprise Paging
BigRedGiant Mobile Solutions
Bell Mobility & Solo Mobile (Canada)
BPL Mobile (Mumbai, India)
Cellular One (Dobson)
Cingular (Postpaid)
Centennial Wireless
Cingular (GoPhone prepaid) (SMS)
Claro (Brasil)
Claro (Nicaragua)
Cricket (SMS)
Emtel (Mauritius)
Fido (Canada)
General Communications Inc.
Globalstar (satellite)
Illinois Valley Cellular
Iridium (satellite)
i wireless
Koodo Mobile (Canada)
LMT (Latvia)
Meteor (Ireland)
Mero Mobile (Nepal)
Movicom (Argentina)
Mobitel (Sri Lanka)
Movistar (Colombia)
MTN (South Africa)
MTS (Canada)
Nextel (United States)
Nextel (Argentina)
Orange Polska (Poland)
Personal (Argentina)
Plus GSM (Poland)
President’s Choice (Canada)
Rogers (Canada)
SL Interactive (Australia)
Sasktel (Canada)
Setar Mobile email (Aruba)
T-Mobile (Austria)
T-Mobile (UK)
Telus Mobility (Canada)
Thumb Cellular
Tigo (Formerly Ola)
Tracfone (prepaid)
Virgin Mobile (Canada)
Vodacom (South Africa)
Vodafone (Italy)
MobiPCS (Hawaii only)


How to Covert an audio cassette tape to digital – the easy way

How to Covert an audio cassette tape to digital – the easy way

I know, I know everyone uses digital music nowadays or maybe even listen to CD’s in their cars, but cassette’s, no way. After CD’s came out everyone abandoned their cassette tapes and all their music, right? Wrong. Right now your cassettes are probably sitting in your basement or in storage gathering dust, and all this time in the back of your head you have been think I will eventually get to it, but you don’t want to pay someone else who will overprice you. So they just sit in storage and wait….. until now. Now you can convert your cassette’s to digital or CD your self, and in the following tutorial I will show you.

– Cassette tapes that you want to convert
– Cassette player with a headphone jack
– an AUX cable – its the one that has a head phone jack on both ends, you probably have one lying around the house
– Audacity – FREE, you can get it from the link below in the download section
and select the download for your operating system or processor (x64 or 32)
– Computer with a microphone jack (its usually the pink one)
– Time

1) Take the AUX cable and plug one end into the cassette player and the other end into the microphone jack of the computer
2) Put the cassette you want to convert in the cassette player and after installing audacity, fire up the program on your computer
3) Re-wind your tape to the beginning
4) In audacity, in the top portion of the screen you will see a red circular record button, left click it and then press the play button on the cassette player
5) Wait for the tape to stop playing (there will be a solid line on the screen in the audio section)
6) Export the audio file to a folder under the file menu
7) Your good to go, if you want to convert the file to a different format I recommend format factory – FREE DOWNLOAD

The only downside to converting the tapes this way as with any other way is that the tape is converted as one huge audio file, not separate tracks. If you want separate tracks you will have to edit it in audacity and export each section separately. To do this left click on the audio section and highlight the length of the track, then go to file and select “export selection”

We are now on google plus!

Do you want to get instant updates from on your phone or other mobile device? Are you tired of Facebook and ready for something new? Then head on over to Google Plus and either create a new account, or sign in with your existing google account. Then, after you familarize your self with google plus head on over to the search bar and type in “Slice Computer Services” (without quotes) and hit the add to circles button.

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Steve Jobs Dies At 56

Steve Jobs passed away last night at the age of 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, although the official cause of his death has not been released. I would like to take some time to honor the life and legacy he has left behind. He was a true visionary, and a great man. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email

How To Practice Safe Computing – A guide for the less tech savvy – part 1

Practicing safe computing is essential for you and the life of your computer. No one likes it when their working on a project late into the night, they save and then the next morning when they go to work on it again it’s not there. Or say, for no apparent reason you computer reboots by it self every five minutes. Or when you plug in a flash drive, a window comes up saying it’s infected and it won’t let you open any of your files. These are all caused by unsafe computing, otherwise known as viruses, and in this how to guide I will show you how to prevent them.

The Golden Rules of Computing: All these steps will be covered in grater detail later in the article.
1) always run windows update on your computer, when the computer prompts you for an update and ask you to restart, don’t ignore it
2) Run virus scans and definition updates on your computer at least once a week. And, no you don’t have to spend money to do this.
3) Turn on Windows Firewall, this feature will not protect you aganist every virus known to silicon. Also, just because you turn this feature on, it does not mean that you are fully protected, you still need antivirus software to protect your computer.
4) Run windows update manually once a month
5) If you computer seems to be sluggish or slow, boot it in safe mode and do a virus scan.

1) Windows Update:
– windows seven/windows vista
Click on start, and at the bottom of the start menu type “windows update”

A windows will appear like this, click check for updates in the left hand pane of the windows

if a windows appears like this in your taskbar don’t ignore it, save your work and click restart

This concludes part 1 of the series

How to partition a Hard drive in Windows 7

Do you have one hard drive in your computer but you have always wanted for it to show up as two? Because you may not have the time or resources/experience to do it your self well now you can, and very easily in fact. There are various reasons for doing this maybe you want to make an exact copy of your hard drive, or you want to install a second operating system on your computer using only one hard drive (Dual Booting), well now you can, so lets get started.
Here is a video tutorial of the steps described bellow

1) On your computer click on start or the round microsoft logo icon, then right click on the computer section of the menu and click on “Manage”

If it ask you for permission click “Yes”

3) Then Click on” Disk Management” and select the disk you would like to partition after it populates

3) Now right click on the C:// drive or other hard drive you want to partition and chose “shrink volume”

4) Now follow the on screen instructions

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