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How to Covert an audio cassette tape to digital – the easy way

How to Covert an audio cassette tape to digital – the easy way

I know, I know everyone uses digital music nowadays or maybe even listen to CD’s in their cars, but cassette’s, no way. After CD’s came out everyone abandoned their cassette tapes and all their music, right? Wrong. Right now your cassettes are probably sitting in your basement or in storage gathering dust, and all this time in the back of your head you have been think I will eventually get to it, but you don’t want to pay someone else who will overprice you. So they just sit in storage and wait….. until now. Now you can convert your cassette’s to digital or CD your self, and in the following tutorial I will show you.

– Cassette tapes that you want to convert
– Cassette player with a headphone jack
– an AUX cable – its the one that has a head phone jack on both ends, you probably have one lying around the house
– Audacity – FREE, you can get it from the link below in the download section
and select the download for your operating system or processor (x64 or 32)
– Computer with a microphone jack (its usually the pink one)
– Time

1) Take the AUX cable and plug one end into the cassette player and the other end into the microphone jack of the computer
2) Put the cassette you want to convert in the cassette player and after installing audacity, fire up the program on your computer
3) Re-wind your tape to the beginning
4) In audacity, in the top portion of the screen you will see a red circular record button, left click it and then press the play button on the cassette player
5) Wait for the tape to stop playing (there will be a solid line on the screen in the audio section)
6) Export the audio file to a folder under the file menu
7) Your good to go, if you want to convert the file to a different format I recommend format factory – FREE DOWNLOAD

The only downside to converting the tapes this way as with any other way is that the tape is converted as one huge audio file, not separate tracks. If you want separate tracks you will have to edit it in audacity and export each section separately. To do this left click on the audio section and highlight the length of the track, then go to file and select “export selection”


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