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How to partition a Hard drive in Windows 7

Do you have one hard drive in your computer but you have always wanted for it to show up as two? Because you may not have the time or resources/experience to do it your self well now you can, and very easily in fact. There are various reasons for doing this maybe you want to make an exact copy of your hard drive, or you want to install a second operating system on your computer using only one hard drive (Dual Booting), well now you can, so lets get started.
Here is a video tutorial of the steps described bellow

1) On your computer click on start or the round microsoft logo icon, then right click on the computer section of the menu and click on “Manage”

If it ask you for permission click “Yes”

3) Then Click on” Disk Management” and select the disk you would like to partition after it populates

3) Now right click on the C:// drive or other hard drive you want to partition and chose “shrink volume”

4) Now follow the on screen instructions

One response to “How to partition a Hard drive in Windows 7

  1. pioneear September 30, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    You can use another software called “EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition” which will allow you to change the size of these partitions without the need to re-format or lose the data on the partitions.

    Hope this helps someone.

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